Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I can tie my shoes!-Learning together.

I can tie my shoes!
Hands on learning for little ones

We're exploring and learning new things. -"Mommy I want to tie my shoes". I'm enjoying these moments. Teaching, creating and watching my daughter learn new things each day. I'm truly thankful for this opportunity to show her so many new things.

Materials needed:
-shoe lace

Inspired by a blog entry on-makingitfeellikehome and a few other Pinterest searches.

**And also a big thank you to those who shared in on our joy in my last blog entry. I appreciate all of you! Thank you for sharing in on our happiness.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Beautiful bright light...

And just when you think things aren't working out and your days seem hectic remember...
At the end of the tunnel there you will see that beautiful bright light. I've taken a short blogging break.-One that I feel I needed. Of course days are still hectic, but that's life! Today we all got to see that beautiful bright light.

Today I had my very first ultrasound after having to reschedule. I'm currently 20 weeks and my due date is set for September 16th.  I'm happy to announce that we are expecting our 2nd sweet little princess.  We were so very excited to see our little beauty. -Our daughter has already made plans to sit and enjoy some tea when her little sister arrives.

Today we enjoyed the beautiful bright light and embraced every minute of it.

“Where there is love there is life.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Life. A mixture of all things.

Oh the days. -They seem rather busy. Sometimes long, it all depends on the day. 
The weather has been warm and we are enjoying more hikes out in nature. I always welcome rain with a smile. -My plants and grass get watered. And the smell of rain is so refreshing.  Easter Sunday, we all enjoyed. Morning service at church and I put together a simple, yet fun Easter basket for our daughter. 

 I haven't been on much for blogging and I may actually take a short break. 
Of course with busy days, they can turn hectic. I recently broke my camera. I was pretty devastated. I think I may have shed a few tears.  I'm currently  looking for a new one. The morning of my ultrasound- we headed out and our  truck stopped working. It would only drive in reverse. 
Of course my husband had it all under control. We of course missed my appointment and had to reschedule for the following week. -I did cry. I must admit I've been so emotional with this pregnancy. This would have been our first ultrasound with this baby. 

Come to find out, our transmission is completely burnt out. I tried to look on the bright side and I thought things could be worse. -I'm happy that we are all healthy, happy and alive. So next week we will get to see this little baby in my tummy and I will just hope things will calm down and we can get back to enjoying simple days with less stress. I hope you all are doing well. 

Hello new readers and Google+ followers. It's so nice to have you here along on my blogging journey.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Observing, exploring and learning together

Our daughter loves learning and exploring. Recently she planted her very own starter garden.
She planted a few seeds, cilantro, tomatoes and strawberries. Together we watered her seeds and made sure they were getting enough sun during the day. Each day observing and recently her strawberry seed sprouted. -She's been excited. We continue to observe and takes notes. 

{Planting cilantro seeds}

{Some water for her seeds}

{Her strawberry seed sprouted}

Recently we worked on a little experiment together. 
{Fireworks in a jar}
-1 tablespoon of oil
-A few drops of food coloring. (Using a few different colors)
-1 jar of water
Mix food coloring with oil, then add to water.
Observe and watch to see what happens when it is combined with the water.

Learning about butterflies. 
We have been learning about the different types of butterflies. Exploring shapes, colors and wing size. 

What have you all been up to? Are to observing new plants growing in your garden? :)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Simple Days.

Simple days are here.
I enjoy the morning sunlight.
The taste of grapefruit-these days I'm finding it delicious. Caring for my indoor plants has been enjoyable.
Hanging laundry out when the sun is out and enjoying the
cool breeze come through an open window.
Our daughter playing peacefully.
My husband reading a good book. -I'm sure these are simple days and I'm enjoying it very much.

Preparing my garden, watering our lawn and birds chirping.-Spring is here and I've
waited long enough. The nights are still chilly, but it's okay. -With warmer days ahead I'm one happy camper!
Simple days.-Iced lemonade, fresh watermelon blended and food on the grill. -I'm happy and I hope the same goes for you.

I wear my lullabelly belt so our little one can listen to music. I put my feet up, relax and sometimes even fall asleep while playing music for this baby in my tummy. It may not hear just yet, but we're always happy to include the baby.

I'm so thankful for these simple days.  I feel peaceful, relaxed and renewed. I hope you all are having simple days. Enjoy your weekend friends.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A sweet celebration.

A daughter is a day brightener and a heart warmer.  ~Author Unknown

This weekend led up to our daughter's 3rd birthday. We spent our time finishing up plans and discussing how we would spend her special day. On Sunday we opened presents early. I spent time in the kitchen baking her birthday cake. - Strawberry cake with strawberry whipped topping. - It was a hit! We presented her cake a day early, since our plan was to take her to the Denver aquarium on Monday.

We sang happy birthday and she blew out her candles. It was simple and sweet. I may have cried a little. Just the thought of knowing my little girl is growing, it saddens me a little. I've been embracing each day, each moment I spend with her. She blew out her candles and we shouted hooray! I'll hold on to these moments for as long as I live.

April 7, 2014,  -Happy birthday sweet baby girl! (Of course she will always be my baby).
Our families called, wished our daughter a happy birthday and we headed off to the aquarium. An early breakfast, coffee in our to-go mugs and we were out the door. Once arriving at the aquarium, we enjoyed our time exploring and admiring such beautiful fish. -We've gone before, but our daughter was younger and this time she seemed to have enjoyed it more. Once home we enjoyed our time out, playing.  The temps were mild and the sun was still shining. She drove her new power wheel jeep around and practiced skating for a bit.

Later for Dinner, we enjoyed some pizza grilled on our pizza stone. I wasn't too hungry. Earlier in the day after the aquarium, we ate at a Korean Restaurant in Denver and also did some shopping in Castle Rock. So I ate a few slices of pizza, before becoming full. And to finish the evening off our daughter enjoyed a slice of her birthday cake.


(Kimchi soup)

 It's been a long weekend. A weekend filled with hugs, laughter, tears, family and love.  Our daughter is growing.- It's a beautiful thing. Each day she's learning, exploring, creating and becoming her own person. It's absolutely beautiful watching all these changes take place. She's now three and she still wants me to wipe her tears, kiss her boo-boo's, read her bedtime stories, rock her in my arms and much more.-For now I'll cherish these moments. I'm forever thankful.

Hello new readers! I'm so happy to have you here. And for those who have been following along on my blogging  journey, thank you. I appreciate all of you. :)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

April: sunshine, a little snow and a sweet strawberry banana ice cream recipe

“I glanced out the window at the signs of spring. The sky was almost blue, the trees were almost budding, the sun was almost bright.” 
― Millard KaufmanBowl of Cherries

So far April has brought us some sunshine and snow. The snow didn't stick around for too long. This afternoon it all melted away. We're thankful that it did. -I'm so ready for actual spring weather. I just want to dip my toes in some cold water and sit out enjoying the breezy afternoon weather. We absolutely love sitting out back on our porch. We enjoy grilling, reading, bubble blowing and just relaxing out there. -It's all just so lovely. 

Today I enjoyed my time indoors with my daughter. We played with legos, snacked on peanuts, ate sweet watermelon, and watched one of her favorite books on DVD. -A Snowy Day. It was perfect for the kind of weather we were experiencing. She hasn't stopped reminding me about her upcoming birthday. I tell her of course I haven't forgotten. It's approaching very soon. - April 7th and I'm thrilled. She's turning 3. Oh how they grow so fast. -She'll always be my little baby.

Today when I had a little down time I whipped up a quick and easy recipe for strawberry/banana ice cream. It's delicious! -Of course our daughter wanted seconds. (Recipe below)

Sweet strawberry banana ice cream

1 1/2 cups of frozen or fresh strawberries. I prefer frozen.
1 banana- I also froze my banana in the freezer
3/4 cup of heavy whipping cream
Optional- You can add in a few teaspoons of sugar.

Using a blender, first add in strawberries and cream. Blend and occasionally stir with a spoon. Once it's smooth enough, add in your banana. Continue to blend until it's all smooth.  Once you’re finished add your ice cream in a container and place in freezer. We had a few scoops right out of the blender. - It was delicious! Enjoy your quick and easy strawberry banana ice cream.