Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Life. A mixture of all things.

Oh the days. -They seem rather busy. Sometimes long, it all depends on the day. 
The weather has been warm and we are enjoying more hikes out in nature. I always welcome rain with a smile. -My plants and grass get watered. And the smell of rain is so refreshing.  Easter Sunday, we all enjoyed. Morning service at church and I put together a simple, yet fun Easter basket for our daughter. 

 I haven't been on much for blogging and I may actually take a short break. 
Of course with busy days, they can turn hectic. I recently broke my camera. I was pretty devastated. I think I may have shed a few tears.  I'm currently  looking for a new one. The morning of my ultrasound- we headed out and our  truck stopped working. It would only drive in reverse. 
Of course my husband had it all under control. We of course missed my appointment and had to reschedule for the following week. -I did cry. I must admit I've been so emotional with this pregnancy. This would have been our first ultrasound with this baby. 

Come to find out, our transmission is completely burnt out. I tried to look on the bright side and I thought things could be worse. -I'm happy that we are all healthy, happy and alive. So next week we will get to see this little baby in my tummy and I will just hope things will calm down and we can get back to enjoying simple days with less stress. I hope you all are doing well. 

Hello new readers and Google+ followers. It's so nice to have you here along on my blogging journey.