Thursday, April 3, 2014

April: sunshine, a little snow and a sweet strawberry banana ice cream recipe

“I glanced out the window at the signs of spring. The sky was almost blue, the trees were almost budding, the sun was almost bright.” 
― Millard KaufmanBowl of Cherries

So far April has brought us some sunshine and snow. The snow didn't stick around for too long. This afternoon it all melted away. We're thankful that it did. -I'm so ready for actual spring weather. I just want to dip my toes in some cold water and sit out enjoying the breezy afternoon weather. We absolutely love sitting out back on our porch. We enjoy grilling, reading, bubble blowing and just relaxing out there. -It's all just so lovely. 

Today I enjoyed my time indoors with my daughter. We played with legos, snacked on peanuts, ate sweet watermelon, and watched one of her favorite books on DVD. -A Snowy Day. It was perfect for the kind of weather we were experiencing. She hasn't stopped reminding me about her upcoming birthday. I tell her of course I haven't forgotten. It's approaching very soon. - April 7th and I'm thrilled. She's turning 3. Oh how they grow so fast. -She'll always be my little baby.

Today when I had a little down time I whipped up a quick and easy recipe for strawberry/banana ice cream. It's delicious! -Of course our daughter wanted seconds. (Recipe below)

Sweet strawberry banana ice cream

1 1/2 cups of frozen or fresh strawberries. I prefer frozen.
1 banana- I also froze my banana in the freezer
3/4 cup of heavy whipping cream
Optional- You can add in a few teaspoons of sugar.

Using a blender, first add in strawberries and cream. Blend and occasionally stir with a spoon. Once it's smooth enough, add in your banana. Continue to blend until it's all smooth.  Once you’re finished add your ice cream in a container and place in freezer. We had a few scoops right out of the blender. - It was delicious! Enjoy your quick and easy strawberry banana ice cream.