Monday, March 31, 2014

Life Lately..

Lately- We started on a few plants indoors. Our daughter enjoys watering and caring for them.

Lately- I've purchased fresh flowers. 
I love how  flowers freshen up a room.

Lately- I've been taking more time to care for my skin. I Apply moisturizer during the day and night. 

Lately- I've tried out a few beauty tips. Taking a lemon and applying sugar to the surface. 
I  gently rub it against my lips. It's wonderful and your lips will thank you. :)
I've also been applying slices of fresh cucumbers over my eyes when I'm resting.- It's so refreshing.

Lately- Our daughter has been enjoying her time dancing, singing and just being free. Twirling in her tutu while wearing snow boots.- She's my little sunshine.

Lately- I went shopping and picked up a few new items. Earrings, nail polish, a sheer breezy top and a new bracelet.  I've also enjoyed taking time out and soaking my feet. I've been using Tea Tree Oil gentle foot peel. 

So Lately- Life has been good. The weather has been lovely and we're spending more time outdoors. We're happy and enjoying our days. I hope you're doing the same!