Friday, May 16, 2014

Lately..{Living in the now}

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” 

― Albert Einstein

Lately...things seem to have fallen into place. Everyone is smiling, preparing for baby, and enjoying our time living in the now. Life is truly beautiful and we're all thankful.

Lately, things have been peaceful. I'm happy, breathing-thank goodness and just loving motherhood. The weather has shifted again. Sunny days are ahead of us.- Out on the back porch enjoying the chirps of the little birdies, sprinklers on and the smell of freshly cut grass.-I'm daydreaming about mid-summer.

Lately, our daughter has enjoyed her time being hands on. She enjoys splashing in the sink and helping me with dishes. -Even if it's pretend play, she's definitely my little helper. She reminds me "Mommy are drinking your water"? -"Of course I am baby, I do appreciate you looking out for your sister and I". 

I absolutely love motherhood.  Each day there's a new adventure. -It's so amazing watching her grow. I mean seriously I created these two? I'm beyond amazed and we are excited for the day we meet our little one growing oh so quietly in my tummy.

My husband has been wonderful through this pregnancy. Of course with our first pregnancy he also was wonderful. -He's looking forward to our girls fighting over who will dance with him during the daddy/daughter dances. -I'm looking forward to seeing him tuck two sweet gentle girls in bed at night.

 My husband recently bought me a new collection piece from Willow Tree to add to our previous set. A little girl, she of course is much older.-It represents our daughter now. She's growing and yes I'm sad to see this happen, but its life and I'm amazed at how she's changing and developing into her own person. Our previous set will now represent our soon to be little one. 

We're all enjoying the now. Taking it all in and appreciating each passing day. I hope the same goes for all of you. -Enjoy living in the now!

I hope you  all have a beautiful weekend spent with love ones. :)