Monday, June 30, 2014

Simple days: teamwork.

It's summer and boy has it been heating up! This weekend we stayed in. We joined in the baby's room and painted as a family. Our daughter helped with excitement. We played some music and chatted about our plans for when her little sister arrives. Before we painted we had a  butter cream -light yellow color on the walls. It was a color I chose during my husband's last deployment in the Army.

Of course with a toddler, painting took two full days. In between we snacked on kettle corn and oranges while watching a movie. With this heat I've been watering my plants early morning and later in the evenings. After our time spent painting we all freshened up and enjoyed a nice dinner. It felt so nice to sit and relax.

Our days were simple. Teamwork at its best! I'm happy to say we finished the painting.

How did you spend your time this weekend?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Little things. {Warming the heart.}

Little things.

Sometimes it's the little things that warm our hearts the most.

A good morning kiss.
A simple hug.
A gentle smile.
A listening ear.
A shoulder to lean on.
Simple reassurance.
An unexpected phone call.
A small gift from a love one.

A walk through a field of flowers.
An evening spent blowing bubbles with small ones.
Bonding with your children.
A nice cuddle with a special book.
Capturing everyday moments with your camera.

A simple hello.
A smile from a stranger.
Helping  someone in need.
Preparing a dish for your family.
Reconnecting with an old friend.

A bouquet of fresh flowers.
Alone time.-Clearing your thoughts and feeling refreshed.
A stroll through nature.
Morning sunrise.
An evening sunset.
A hot cup of tea/coffee.

These little things warm our hearts. Reminding us that we must take time to enjoy them. Take time to notice, rejoice and simply live for the moment.
Today take time and notice these little things around you. Refresh your mind, enjoy the moment and remember these are the little things that warm our hearts the most.

My list of little things:

 Bonding time over strawberry milk and teddy cookies.

Surprised at how quickly our grass has sprouted in the monkey jar. 

I giggled quite a bit. -When I turned my back for a few, my daughter surprised me with marker painted toes. She said all she wanted was to have pretty toes. :) Oh the joys of motherhood! 

Finding our dogs play toys taking a stroll in a stroller. 

Rainy afternoon. 

After the rain. The sun is out, the air is fresh.

Art time.

She enjoys painting and  I enjoy watching her create.

Hello and welcome new friends and followers. It's so nice to have you here.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sunny days.

Sunny days.
-Kite  flying
-Outdoor play
-Robot crafts
-Planting seeds
-Trips to the library
-Making music

It's been hot! -Honestly the temperatures here shouldn't bother me as much. After living in Arizona for so long you would think I could handle Colorado temperatures. -Pregnancy in hot weather has been tough!  -I'm dealing though. I make sure I'm staying hydrated and cool on hot sunny days.

On sunny, breezy days we enjoy our time outdoors. Lately we have enjoyed our time flying kites. Our daughter enjoyed her first time flying a kite was on Father's day weekend. That day the sky was clear, there was a gentle breeze and everyone seemed to enjoy their time at the park. 

I'm spending evenings out in our backyard. Gardening and pruning plants. I replaced my last strawberry plant and this one is actually producing strawberries. Currently in my vegetable garden we have three different types of peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, chives and cilantro growing. 

My husband picked up a little grass kit for kids. -This was something he wanted to do with our daughter. They planted the seeds in this tiny little monkey jar. Each day our daughter waters it and it has started sprouting. 

Lately, we have enjoyed simple trips to our local library. Just recently we all went as a family and enjoyed a few stories and crafts on robots. -It was a fun day for all.

Our daughter has been making music for us lately. She's all about singing and marching around. We have our very own marching band in our home. She's been shaking maracas, playing the flute and tapping drums. -This is such a fun stage and we're enjoying it so much.  

My hospital tour was canceled sometime back. We were told to reschedule so now we have one for this upcoming weekend. I'm currently 27 weeks along in this pregnancy. I'm feeling fine, just a little discomfort here and there. Baby is very active and I'm losing even more sleep at night.- She's preparing me! 

How are you spending your time on these hot,sunny days? 
Thank you to those who enjoyed my simple light box. If you haven't checked out that post here's the link Light up a room.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Light up a room.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.”― Albert Einstein
Quick and easy light box

This weekend we created a simple and easy light box for our daughter. She has a big imagination and always wants to create new things.

We took a plastic bin and drilled a hole in it. This is for inserting the plug through.

At the store I picked up a few bulb lights along with other items. Gel clings and glow in the dark stars.
At home I gathered some clear stones, red vase gems and a few other items we had around our home. We had a blast with our simple light box.

. We'll eventually make our daughter a bigger light box, one made out of wood. For now she's enjoying this simple light box! 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Full of joy.

Celebration// This weekend we celebrated my husband's birthday.-Simple and sweet.

Outdoor fun// We attended the PBS Fun Fest.- Performances, live music, food, booths, PBS characters and much more. It was fun for the whole family. :)

Enjoyed// An early Dinner at Salt Grass. I ordered a plate of baby back ribs.-I wasn't very hungry, but I'm glad my husband enjoyed his birthday dinner.
Later in the weekend we had two thunder storms. -Each storm produced hail and quite a bit of rain.

In the kitchen// I baked some delicious Coffee cupcakes topped with tiramisu and chocolate covered espresso coffee beans. My husband is a bit of a coffee lover.- I used decaf coffee for this recipe and it turned out great!
Covered coffee beans- purchased at World Market. Recipe for Coffee

Home// After a long weekend, we enjoyed when our time was spent at home. Home is where I feel at peace. I enjoyed some time out in my garden. Replanting a few flowers and adding a new strawberry plant to my garden.

Together// This weekend was filled with so much joy. -Hugs, laughter and memories made. I can't wait for our little one in my tummy to join us. We are all  waiting patiently for her arrival. Together, we all enjoyed a weekend filled with love, joy and happiness.

**Hello and welcome new readers and followers. It's so nice to have you come along on my blogging journey.
Also thank you to those who visit and leave such kind and thoughtful comments.- I appreciate all of you!**

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Color changing: Carnations.

I remember discussing color changing celery with my husband. He mentioned experimenting with that when he was in school. I know at some point we all have.  For this experiment we used carnations. 
Taking three measuring cups fill them with water. Our daughter then put a few drops of food coloring.-At this point she was excited and ready to add in the carnations. 

We allowed them to sit in the food coloring overnight. In the morning we noticed the tips of each flower had changed. Currently they are sitting in the food coloring. I'm hoping that by this evening we will see more change in color. Have you tried this with your children? If so, how did they react to the color change?

Our daughter had a few questions about the color. She specifically wanted to know how it happens.  I figured after exploring creepy crawlers we could enjoy this simple hands on experiment. 

**Update- One carnation changed entirely in color.- Going from white to yellow. The pink carnation changed around the flowers edges-red. And the white one soaking in green food coloring also changed around the edges.**

Monday, June 2, 2014

Home: exploring, baking and more.

“Let Nature be your teacher.” – William Wordsworth
This weekend: We explored through the garden. Searching for worms, beetles and what other interesting insects we came across. Our daughter caught a few with her insect net and placed them in her bug catcher. Soon after exploring with her magnifying glass, we released these tiny critters back where they belong.

We also enjoyed our time exploring flowers. Up close and personal -using the magnifying glass. We discussed the different shapes, textures, designs and more.

In my garden: Flowers are bloomed, bees are happy-buzzing around and hummingbirds stop in for a visit.

In the kitchen- My husband decided to make a few donut balls.- Warm and iced over with a sweet delicious frosting.

We enjoyed every last bite...

Later in the kitchen- I prepared a side dish to go along with the brisket my husband had been cooking for hours.  I put together one of my favorites-cauliflower bake with green olives, parsley and chopped croutons. You combine everything with olive oil. Then season with a bit of salt and pepper.- Oh my, it's delicious. We used habanero olives that we picked up from World Market.

We enjoyed our time spent exploring, baking and cooking. We also took our first hospital tour. We have our next one scheduled for this upcoming weekend. I took some notes and I'll compare the two. We experienced rain on Saturday. It was quick, but nice. After the rain came to an end, we went on a nice family bike ride. On our bike ride we saw, horses, trains and the sky was absolutely beautiful as the sun was setting.

Hello and welcome new readers. I hope you all enjoy your stay! :)