Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Doing well.

We're all doing well.
Our days are less hectic and we are slowly getting back to our schedule.
I'm enjoying the cooler weather. Fall weather is absolutely lovely here in Colorado.
Lately, the air is fresh and I'm enjoying the beautiful colors of fall. - It's so beautiful out.
We are enjoying baked goodies.  Preparing, warm baked oatmeal and apple crisp.
My mother was out for a short visit. -It was nice having her. She prepared a few dishes for us. During her stay we would all sit around and chit chat. Our oldest really enjoyed time with grandma. 
Lately I've been experimenting with some new cloth diapers we recently purchased. I've done all my research from- detergents, cloth safe diaper creams and much more. So far it's pretty simple. -I think I've got the hang of it! 

Simple days, a lot of baby-wearing- makes things simple and I seem to get a lot done when doing this. And of course, I absolutely love the bonding time we share. Our oldest enjoys reading and singing to her little sister.  I must admit I'm sad to see my husband return to work soon. He has been so helpful with the girls and it was nice having him around for a month. In the past when he was in the military he was always deploying. - So now when he is home I absolutely cherish these moments. 

So lately, we're all doing well. How's life treating you? Are you also enjoying the fall weather where you live? 

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