Friday, February 14, 2014

Energy. Pregnancy. & Daydreaming.

An easy morning. Toast, and sweet orange marmalade

An artful morning.

Currently looking through-Shabby Chic

A sweet thoughtful surprise from my husband: Prescription for 52 reasons
why I treasure you.

Baking- Teddy bear cookies.

My energy level seems to be returning, slowly. Cravings have started, and I'm continuing to find it harder to brush my teeth without the occasional gagging. Breakfast is simple, -toast with jam, eggs, and maybe a side of bacon or ham. Our daughter; of course is a picky eater. Sometimes she's in the mood for oatmeal, maybe bacon the next, or just plain cereal.

Our pug likes to rest his head on my tummy. -Not yet a big baby bump, but it's become a pillow to rest his soft cuddly cheeks. He did this  when I was pregnant with our daughter. He'd fall asleep, and snore on my oh so lovely baby bump. -Of course there were occasional kicks to head from my daughter resting inside.

So far this pregnancy is much different from my first. My energy level went down suddenly, and I become nausea without any warning. I'm enjoying my sleep, but at times I still feel like I could use more! We're in need of sunny days-sunny with mild temps, and no snow! They are saying the weather here in Colorado should be sunny, in the mid 60's for the weekend. I'm looking forward to this.-Windows opened, fresh air, and maybe even a picnic outdoors. -How lovely!

My husband has started back up on reading his daddy books. We first bought this set of books for him during my pregnancy with our daughter. He's been enjoying reading through it, and sharing his thoughts on this pregnancy. -It all feels so brand new, and exciting all over again. My next visit to the Dr, is on the 27th of this month. I should have more information by then. (An ultrasound, and a little glimpse of this tiny bundle of joy growing inside of me. And maybe even listen to the heartbeat.)

So lately, I'm just hoping this tired feeling will go away soon, and I'm looking forward to sunny days. I'd love to sit out with my daughter; soak up some sun, and dip my toes in her little pool. -I'm just daydreaming, and I'm enjoying it!

Have a lovely weekend blog friends. And a special thank you to my friend Jayne who blogs over at handmadecuties, she's always so thoughtful, and kind. I recently received a family photo album from her. I thought it was the sweetest thing.-Perfect for adding in new pictures of our growing family. Thank you, Jayne.

Welcome new readers, I'm thrilled to have you follow along!