Monday, February 10, 2014

Lighting ( Diy paper lamp shade)

Diy Paper Lamp Shade
-with punch out design

It's snowing out, and there's a little fog in the air. Inside, we are warm, and cozy. Candles are burning, and dim lights are lighting the room. This simple Diy paper lamp shade is easy to make. You'll enjoy the delicate lighting it provides. 

Materials needed:
-brown paper lunch bag
-Shape punch out
(And for the lighting I'm using our Febreze night light-Battery operated)

Cut bottom half of paper bag off. Once removing the end of  the bag, take your punch out (I used my flower design punch out)- And punch out around your bag. -It's really that simple. Now your done, and ready to display your paper lamp shade.-When not in use just fold, and put away.