Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Prepare. Sit. Eat. And Enjoy.

We're always so thrilled to try new recipes. Cooking at home is something we enjoy very much. We recently made a delicious dish. - Cabbage with beef/pork and rice topped with a spicy tomato sauce.  This delicious dish is one of Martha Stewart's recipes. 

It was very easy to prepare and it came together very well. Our 4 year old daughter even had seconds. 

We started off with the spicy tomato sauce. Heating a pan and adding onion, garlic and red pepper flakes. We had this to cook until it was all tender. After putting our crushed tomatoes in a food processor, we then added the tomatoes and juice to the pan. We allowed it all to simmer and later thicken.  We also added a few of our own spices along with salt.

While our sauce was cooling, I brought a pot of hot water to a boil. I added a few pinches or salt to the boiling water.  Then, I added in the cabbage. It was easier for me to peel the cabbage apart prior to adding it to the boiling water. I allowed this to boil until the cabbage was tender.

Once this was all done we mixed our meat mixture, rice and other spices together. Then we added the mixture to our cabbage leaves. This part actually took some time. Once they were all filled and sealed, we gently turned them over and added our spicy tomato sauce. We baked it at 375 for an hour.

And once it was done...we sat, ate and enjoyed this delicious meal.

What new recipe have you recently made? I'd love to know! :)

Welcome new readers! So happy to have you all here.