Tuesday, October 20, 2015


“I find it incredibly amazing how at every sunset, the sky is a different shade. No cloud is ever in the same place. Each day is a new masterpiece. A new wonder. A new memory.” 

It's 5 o' clock in the afternoon...
There's just something about this time.
There's so much warmth in the lighting.
The sun shines so brightly through each window.
There's a sense of peace in our home.
The girls play together.- Dress up and blocks. 
My husband is always so kind to help in the kitchen.- This day he was preparing spaghetti. 
After a long day of lessons, daily chores and chasing little ones around..
I relax for a few with a nice glass of ice coffee.

This is the time that we gather around.- Play, cook, relax and talk.- Honestly, it's perfect.
We enjoy this time.

Hello new readers. I'm so happy to have you all here. And to all my readers, thank you for joining me on my blogging journey. You're all just so lovely.~