Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Simple joyful moments.- Cherishing these moments.

“Your sacred time is now! Begin to live passionately.”  Lailah Gifty AkitaThink Great: Be Great!

Every day there are moments that we all cherish. Those moments when you want to hit pause, and just be in that moment. May we all cherish those simple joyful moments in our lives.

My Simple joyful moments.

-Dancing with my children. - After a long week being able to take a few moments out each day to dance with our children. We absolutely cherish these moments. - We feel free and completely in the moment.

- Laughter. - There's something about the power of laughter. In our home we laugh several times in the day. - It just feels so good! It helps just break up any tension, stress, or just those cranky moments we all have from time to time.

- Preparing dinner as a family. - We love to do this. We normally have some light music playing in the background and we'll head in the kitchen and prepare our meal. We laugh, talk, and share our thoughts for the day. 

-Reading. - We love books! Any time we get to sit, and read to both girls is a time to bond, let go, and fully engage in a nice book.

- Outdoor adventures. -  We love being outdoors. We really enjoy family walks. It's a time we get to reflect on things, and bond as a family. 

- A simple hug. - It can really help in any situation. That moment you are hugged by your love ones is a moment everything just feels so right.  When my girls wrap their tiny arms around me I feel at ease. 

- A cup of coffee.- I cherish this moment. When my husband was in the Army he was constantly deploying. After being gone for an extended amount of time, he would arrive home and we would sit together and enjoy a cup of coffee every chance we got. - Eventually our neighbors gave us the nickname, "The love birds". My husband said every time he was able to have a cup of coffee on his deployment it made him think of being home. - I cherish this simple joyful moment. 

-Morning sunlight.- I absolutely love how the morning sunlight shines through my window. -Barely peeking in.  I'm so thankful for a new day. - Hello morning sunlight.

What are some simple joyful moments in your life that you cherish?