Monday, May 16, 2016

Let Go. -Crumble it up and toss it out!

Let go of...Negative thoughts. - In the morning right after you wake tell yourself these 3 things:
1. I am thankful.
2. I am able
3. I will do my absolute best!

Let go of...People bringing you down! There is absolutely no reason to have these people in your life. Are you trying to do better? If the answer is yes, let them go!

Let go of...Always saying YES. I always thought I needed to please every single person who entered my life and so I was constantly saying yes. - I managed to stop this and it feels great. Saying no is okay to do and if the person truly understands where you are coming from it shouldn't bother them one bit.

Let go of...The past. This is something I struggle with. - I'm doing much better now, but truthfully I find myself slipping at times. (We all do and that is what makes us human). But honestly we must learn to let go of past hurts. Once we learn to let go we can live a much happier life.

Let go of...Gossip. Just say no to gossip! I mean we are adults and who cares what the next person did, or didn't do. - I'm tired of gossip and if you're reading this I'm sure you are as well. Let us just come together and be mature about situations.

Let go of...Judging. - Who are we to judge people? Not giving someone a chance because you rather judge them before even knowing them is plain silly.

Let go of...Selfishness. Lend a helping hand, be a shoulder to lean on, or be that person who comforts someone who just really needs those healing words.

Let go of...Comparing.  We don't need to compare ourselves to the next person. I see so many moms comparing and pointing fingers. It's not about who is a better mom. Just parent your children and let the next mom do the same for her children. If you know that you are doing an awesome job at being a mom, continue doing an awesome job. - Who cares what the next person has to say.

Let go of...Hate. Just stop! Let us remember to just love. Spread love not hate.

I hope after reading this you find peace. Maybe you're holding on to a few things and I hope just maybe through this post I can inspire some of you to let go of those things. I hope you all have a beautiful day!