Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Making shakers. - A fun DIY for little ones.

I think I've mentioned before how much we love to dance. My littlest one will be two this year and her big sister turned five in April. - They absolutely love to boogie! We normally play music and just enjoy the moment. My two year old loves to shake and rattle things.  We're  always coming up with new ways to create shakers. This time around, we used empty spice containers. (Plastic ones). So if you have some empty ones around your home create some shakers for your little ones. It is super easy and fun for all.

What you will need:
Empty spice containers
And anything fun you want to add into your shaker
Markers (permanent) works best 

All you need to do:
Take each container and decorate it. - Get creative and have fun with it.
Next just take your beans, beads and what ever else you chose to put into your containers and add them in. Make sure to leave some room. - So don't fill it all the way up. Once you're all done your kiddos can have fun and dance around with them. 

Have fun!

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