Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lately.-Our days. (Peaceful moment)

Paper bracelet making. We used gems, sparkles, glitter, markers, scissors and glue.  - My oldest absolutely loved them. I think she may have had more fun designing them. 

My oldest daughter just started Kindergarten. 
She is attending an online academy. I'm still teaching her from home, but this way she will still have a main teacher who will grade her work and live sessions with other students in her class. She will also attend field trips and much more! I'll continue to add in our own lessons and curriculum. 
This morning we explored outdoors. This was for one of her science lessons. She observed a few lady bugs, a grasshopper and we talked about her five senses. We're excited to see how this school year goes. 

Watching a quick introduction for a lesson. 

 Art lesson. - Learning about the different elements of shape. Straight line, curvy line, angle line, circles and dots. - We've gone over this during her preschool days, but it is always nice to learn about it again.

Our littlest one wanted in on the lesson as well. 

Baking on a rainy day.
Pound cake with chocolate chips.
A very delicious treat. - Pairs well with coffee.

This last photo was definitely a peaceful moment. 
Warm cake, cup of coffee and a rainy evening. 
A very peaceful evening.

How are your days treating you? I hope all of you are doing well. :)