Thursday, September 8, 2016

Peaceful moment.

This peaceful moment...
Took place in September, 2015. 
We attended the What if festival. We had such a blast!

Here are a few things that took place during the festival...

1.  All the kids were loving the puppet riding a tricycle. 

2. Just a quick view of part of the Downtown area. 

3. We were entering the Bubble crossing area. Small bubbles, big bubbles and a lot of colorful ones as well.

4. Art on the street.  Local artist came and created amazing images on the sidewalks. So much talent!

5. The BIG toaster oven! 

This was such a fun event for all ages. 

Each Thursday I will be posting a peaceful moment.
I would love to hear what your peaceful moment has been during the week or a peaceful memory from the past.
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