Tuesday, October 1, 2019

DIY Halloween Picture Frame Erasable Reminder Board

This simple DIY project will display simple daily reminders. It is super easy to create, and super cute to have on display! Scroll down for the materials list, and a how to guide on creating your very own.

Materials needed:

-Picture frame
-Chalkboard paint
-Paint brush
-Hot glue
-Craft Jewels 
-Halloween Stickers

Make Your Very Own

I picked up two simple frames at my local craft store. If  your frame comes with a cardboard piece inside take it out and set it aside. (This will be used when creating your Erasable board). The frame that I purchased came with a thicker piece inside of the frames. 
Taking some of the chalkboard paint you will want to apply a few coats. Allow each coat of paint to completely dry while you are adding jewels on each frame. 
Just get creative and design your frames with your jewels. If you have any Halloween stickers you can apply them on at this point as well. I used my hot glue gun to apply my jewels, and my little monsters as well. 
You're pretty much ready to put together the board. Place your cardboard piece inside of  the frame, and close it off.  Also if you are wanting to hang your frame you can apply some string using the hot glue, and hang it up to be displayed. Enjoy!

I hope you have enjoyed this simple Halloween DIY craft.

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