Thursday, September 17, 2020

DIY Dollar Store Autumn Wagon

Hi I'm so happy that you decided to check out this simple Diy Autumn wagon craft. If you are a follower on my blog, you probably know just how much I  enjoy Autumn. We have just a few more days, and we can finally welcome Autumn. - I'm super excited for this. Today I created this simple Autumn wagon. All of my materials for this craft came from my local dollar store. Are you ready to create your very own Autumn wagon? I'm sure the answer was yes! It is simple, and you'll just love the way it all turns out when you are all done. 

Materials Needed

(If you are only making one wagon, just buy one of each listed below)

1 Small straw bale
2 sets of pumpkin decorations
2 wooden baskets
1 wired twine
Paint brushes/water/ glass jar
2 Wooden cars (you'll just want these for the wheels)
(I used red, orange, bronze, and black)
Gold glitter glue
Hot glue gun

1 set of squirrels or any other animals you are able to find.
(The squirrels that I have are actually salt, and pepper shakers)
2 sets of lights
(I was able to find some cute pumpkin lights)

If you are only making one wagon, you will spend around $8. With my materials I created two wagons.

Creating your wagon

Start off with making sure the area where you are painting is preppedI used a few plastic bags, and paper towels. This craft is also kid friendly! I had my girls help me with painting.

 Keep in mind that you can leave your pumpkins as is. I chose to paint them another orange color. I felt like the first color was a little too bright. I used a softer orange color, and a bronze color for the stem. 
While your pumpkins sit and dry, you can start painting your wooden boxes. I used a red color for my wagons.  
During this time, remove the wheels from your wooden cars. I just twisted the wheels off. If you notice that they are not coming off so easily, you can break them off of the wooden dowels.
Once you have removed the wheels make sure to paint them. I used black paint for the wheels. 
Allow everything to completely dry. 

You can now cut your wired twine. I used my wire snips for this.  
Using hot glue, glue your wire twine to the inside of your wooden box. You'll want to make sure that  you create a loop. 

Next, glue on your wheels to your basket. After adding your wheels, take your straw bale, and place it inside of your wagon. Take each pumpkin, and glue it on top of your straw bale. Once you have done this, take some of your glitter glue, and gently apply some to the tops of your pumpkins. This just gives it a little shine, and sparkle.

The last thing to do is to add your animal. 
I added my squirrels in, and I also added in some leaves, lights, and flowers.

You're all done! 

Find a spot to display your wagon, and enjoy!

I hope that you have enjoyed this post! 
Have you created any new crafts lately? 
If so, what did you create? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments below.

As always please feel free, and share. 

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  1. You should totally sell these if you aren't already! Love the wagon!

    1. Aw, thank you so much! That is very kind of you to say. :)

  2. What a great little project for the fall! I'm going to pass this on to my wife who teaches little ones as I think they might enjoy doing this.

  3. This is such a cute craft project for autumn. I’d love to make something like this but I’m not very crafty.

  4. That looks super cute when it's finished! I love that this is such a child friendly activity. You could even take them with you to the dollar store, allowing them to pick the details out themselves - For example, they can decide which animal should be sitting in their wagon when it's finished.

    1. Britt, thank you! And yes it definitely is child friendly! I love taking my girls with me to the craft store. They are my little helpers, and they usually pick out items for the craft we are doing. :)

  5. that is so so so cute! I love this themed craft, it is just too pretty! I am so overjoyed with it, perfect for older kids

    1. Lyosha, aw thank you! Your comment was just so lovely. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Looks so pretty, and so very doable too! I'm so not into crafts, yet this looks too cute to not try.

  7. ********************************************************
    Thank you for sharing at #OverTheMoon. Pinned and shared. Have a lovely week. I hope to see you at next week’s party too! Please stay safe and healthy. Come party with us at Over The Moon! Catapult your content Over The Moon! @marilyn_lesniak @EclecticRedBarn

    1. Thank you! I hope that you have a lovely week as well. :)

  8. You're making me want to start crafting again! Seriously, this looks so adorable and easy to do. My problem is that I would want to make one with every type of animal sitting in the wagon, so I would end up with a bunch of these, and my husband asking where we're supposed to put them all. Have you ever considered selling your wonderful creations on Etsy or somewhere similar? I feel like you could do really well. I'm sure there are many people who want things like this, but don't want to do it themselves, despite how easy it really is, and would gladly buy them instead.

    1. Erica, aw you're so kind. I actually had started a small business on Etsy, and recently stopped. I didn't enjoy it so much. I think the reason was because I wasn't making things I really enjoyed. But I could see selling my crafts, I enjoy creating these sorts of things. Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate it so much! I think you may have inspired me to try again!

  9. This is a great idea and something really fun to make with kids. I bet my mother would enjoy doing a project like this with her schoolchildren. She is always looking for new craft projects, thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Kat, thank you! I hope your mom enjoys this fun craft. Happy first day of Autumn!

  10. This is super cute! I used to love doing these kind of crafts and create stories in my head to go along with what I was making. This really brings in the autumn feelings!

    1. Nkem, thank you! I really enjoy creating things. Happy first day of Autumn!


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