Monday, August 30, 2021

August Vibes, and Sipsby Tea Review


August treated us well, other than the mid 90 degree weather, and school starting. I'd say I am still very thankful, and feel fortunate to be able to take in each day, and be with my family.

August consisted of school starting,  new job searches for my husband, and new blog opportunities for me. I am forever thankful to all of you that continue to reach out, and those of you who come by, and read my content. This month my content was featured on Hometalk, and I have had a few other blog opportunities. - Thank you!

 And for those of you who follow along, I'd love if you checked out my other blog over at I started this blog so that I can display more of my crafts. It is a space that will feature just my DIY crafts, and other home projects. 

This month I received my August tea box, and as always Sipsby left me impressed! If you haven't heard of Sipsby here's a little about who they are, and what they do.

A little about Sipsby

Sipsby offers personalized tea boxes delivered right to your front door! Head over to, take a quiz so they can learn more about you. That's really all you have to do! They will put all your information together, and start putting together a personalized tea box just for you.  Each month you'll get to explore different teas. 

Let's take a look inside of my August tea box

Sugar Cookie Sweetheart- Sips by, Cookie Tea

Can we just say that this was my absolute favorite in my August box! 
Every sip was like I was enjoying a sugar cookie, and it was so delicious. 
This tea is a loose leaf tea, and I thought it was so cute how there was little sugar hearts. Steep for 5 minutes, and enjoy! 

Sunshower Spice-Sips by, Rainy Day Tea CO

This tea is perfect for Fall time. When I first opened the package, the aroma was everything! Flavors included, cinnamon, apple bits, cardamom seeds, sweet blackberry leaves. This tea steeps for 5-7 mins, and is packed with delicious spices, and really puts you in the Autumn vibe.

Chocolate Mint Oolong tea- Sips by, Stash Tea
Medium caffeine 
Steep 3-5 mins

This was my evening tea. Perfect for sipping after a long day. 
flavors included chocolate, and mint. If you love those two flavors, you will love this tea! 
Perfect for evening sips.

Mango Magic- Sips by, Ahmad tea
High caffeine 

Hello mango! If you are a mango fan, this tea is definitely for you. It is a black tea, and is packed with mango goodness. This tea provided some great mango flavors, and tastes wonderful with a little honey. Steep for 3-5 mins, and enjoy!

Sending happy, positive vibes to all! 
August, you treated us well.

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