Friday, July 1, 2022

Three Dollar Chalkboard Re-do

 Hello my lovely crafters! I went to the Dollar Tree, and found this simple wooden chalkboard for three dollars. I was pretty excited because I love a quick and easy re-do project. You can find all the materials for this fun craft at Dollar Tree, or any craft store. 

Materials needed

One wooden chalkboard 

Paint- I'm using bright magenta, and black


Pop-up butterfly stickers

Paint brush

Hot glue

Succulents- Just a few smaller succulents 

Start by applying paint to your chalkboard. I painted my bright magenta around the outer section just around the chalkboard section.

Next, take your black paint and apply it onto the bottom section near the hooks on your chalkboard. I also went around the sides, and top of my chalkboard with my black paint. Once you have applied your paint, allow it to fully dry.

Next, take your succulents and begin to glue them onto your chalkboard. I used just a little hot glue to add them onto my chalkboard. I glued my succulents on the left bottom corner just above the painted black section. 

Now you are ready to add on your pop-up butterfly stickers. I found this pack at my local Dollar Tree store. You can either stick them on, or use just a little hot glue when adding them onto your board. I decided to use just a little glue on the backs of each of them.

After you add on your butterflies, take your craft gems, and begin to add them. I randomly glued a few onto my board.

Your chalkboard re-do is now complete, and it is just so fun! I love how it came together, and I just love how colorful, and fun it is.--It is perfect for quick reminders, positive sayings, or just other quick notes!  I hope you enjoyed this quick, and easy craft. Be sure to let me know if you decide to create one too! 

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