Thursday, February 28, 2013

This morning I had some alone time, and enjoyed a nice hot cup of tea. (Usually if I wake early, and everyone else is sleeping, I will take advantage of getting things in order around the house.)Sometimes I may even catch up on a few shows that I've recorded on our dvr. Well since we haven't been watching much of anything lately on tv, I decided to enjoy a nice cup of tea. I figured a nice cup of tea, while reading the Fine cooking magazine. :) (I have to figure out what to make for dinner tonight) We usually have a plan and a menu for the week, and of course today's plan for dinner is Beef/broccoli with rice. (It's a hit in our home).

Once my daughter was up, we enjoyed a nice breakfast, and she of course wanted to give me a million kisses (with her milk covered lips) ha ha life with a toddler, I love it.

Play time with my daughter, I took an old container we were no longer using, and cut three shapes into the lid. Closed it back up, and grabbed a few of my daughters (pom poms) you can buy them from your local craft store in a large bag. She enjoyed placing each of them in the different holes I made. I made each hole a different size, so she was really concentrating on getting them in. ( This activity helps promote fine motor skills)

{Let your heart guide you.} Yogi green tea
{Fun/learning with pom poms}