Thursday, August 22, 2013

Simple Diy Summer vegetable/flower seed packaging

Simple Summer vegetable/flower seed packaging
for gift giving

This  simple and personalized packaging is perfect for gift giving.
I once put together a gardening gift for my mother. It included a hand shovel, vegetable seeds, and a cute pot for planting. (And gardening gloves of course.
I decided to put together this simple packagage for seeds. I purchased these cute tags at Target. 

 Fold your craft paper or card stock in half and cut.
Staple the sides leaving an opening at the top.
Using washi tape apply it to your packaging. I did this to cover the staples.
Once you are done, you can either put your seed package directly into your handmade packaging, or you can open and drop your seeds into your package.If you drop your seeds directly into your packaging make sure to use washi tape to close off the top. This way the seeds are secure inside).  It's really that simple.