Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekend love-Rain/Sunshine, paint, baking and more!

What a lovely weekend it has been! Thursday we enjoyed some light rain. This weekend the weather went from cool, back to the warmer temps. I've been enjoying opening up the windows, and hanging a few clothes out on our portable clothes line. (We recently bought it, and I love it) I still use our dryer, but I like to change it up some time. I've also been enjoying the time we spend out on our porch. I can't wait for Fall weather to arrive.

It's nice seeing some color in our vegetable garden.  Our daughter loves helping with picking tomatoes from the vine. We bought a few different pepper plants, and last weekend we cooked up a dish using some jalapenos from the garden. Our plan for our tomatoes is to add it when we make our chicken kabobs.
Over the weekend my husband decided to make some Jerky. We picked up Jerky cure and seasoning from  Sportsmen's warehouse. He made chicken and steak jerky. Of course they turned out delicious! :)

This morning, I made some delicious blueberry donuts with glaze. I found this wonderful recipe over at Hearts in my oven. I came across the recipe on Pinterest (which of course I pinned) Then I visited her blog, and was thrilled to make baked donuts with our morning coffee. They turned out wonderful. My husband and I enjoyed them with our morning coffee, and our daughter had them with a glass of cold milk. What a lovely morning treat it was for us all.
I've been putting together little busy trays for our daughter. This one included stamps, stickers, Popsicle sticks, and cut out shapes. I also dropped in crayons, and strips of paper. She's been practicing cutting paper with her safety scissors. Each tray will have a few different activities.
My husband and I enjoyed a nice Date this afternoon. While out this weekend we picked up some paint, and two canvases.  During our daughters nap, we enjoyed some time painting together. We watched a watercolor painting tutorial on YouTube.
I can definitely see adding this to our date list. We had a great time! 
How did you spend your weekend? Did you do any baking or any fun activity?
I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend with your love ones! And also thank you to my new readers, and Google + followers, so happy to have you with me on this wonderful journey. Welcome!