Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Float, sink, or absorb?

Will it float, sink, or absorb in water?
Observation activity

This was a great learning/observation activity to do with my little one. I asked questions like, "why do you think the rock sank to the bottom, but the sponge was able to float". I went over the different shapes, and sizes of each object. Also pointing out which ones were lighter, and heavier. I also asked which one she thought would float, sink, or absorb when placed in the water. We went over this a few times, and soon she was able to tell me what would happen when they were placed in the water.

Our observations-
Rock-when added to the water, they sank to the  bottom.

Silk flower, absorbed some water, but still managed to float above water.

Cotton balls-immediately absorbed water, and sank to the bottom.

Paper towel-absorbed some water,and floated the first time. Second time put into water it sank to the bottom.

Jewel, along with buttons all sank to the bottom of the water.

Sponge star-absorbed water, but continued to float above water.

Plastic lid- when placed in container it was able to float above water, even when some water was added into the lid.

-Popsicle sticks-They were able to float.

Plastic fish- when added to water was able to float.