Sunday, November 3, 2013

Our weekend {Sweet November}

"A sun-drenched sky

on windy autumn day;

out across open fields

passing clouds make shadow play.

Silent beauty in multi-hues

but ominous in a sense;

for though today be delightful

darkness soon gains precedence.-   Ray, Psychology of Seasons

Hello November, so nice to have you here....

Hello sun -You're so beautiful on our evening walks.

Colors of fall-Make me feel so cheerful.

Golden leaves have taken over this path-so pretty!

A little playground fun-A lovely evening to play out in the autumn sun.

Beautiful Colorado mountains.

Lunch time-Fajita pizza, prepared by my wonderful husband.

Zebra cake, with Mocha frosting...(You read right, Zebra cake. It's a premium cake mix, and it should come out looking like Zebra stripes. Our cake didn't come out with the stripes, but oh boy it was delicious.)
Here's the link for the cake mix-zebra-cake mix

Delicious indeed!

Play time with Moon sand.

What a tough life-Wake, eat & sleep! lol

It's nice to start a new month. I see so many possibilities, and  changes coming our way.  We spent most of our weekend entertaining and playing with our sweet one. Our daughter loves exploring, and so do we! We made our way out to the park-The weather was warm, with a gentle breeze. Our daughter played on the playground and also enjoyed some time playing in the leaves. Play time at the park, was so peaceful. The sun was starting to set, and everything was at peace. 

While some days are spent indoors, we enjoy simple tasks around the home. We bake, cook, and I've been doing some much needed organizing. This weekend we enjoyed a nice  chicken fajita pizza. My husband wanted to cook up something new. -We also made a french toast bake on one of the mornings. It was delicious, and went well with a nice cup of coffee.  I baked a simple zebra cake, and added some mocha frosting. (With all of these delicious dishes, I've been making sure to keep up with my work out routine) =)

We are expected to get snow here in a few days; I've been getting things ready. My husband has worked on preparing our lawn for the upcoming winter months. We still need to schedule a sprinkler blow-out. There's so much on our to-do list, but I'm sure we will get it all done.

I've actually thought about catching up on some reading, but I've been working on a few cards. I'll make sure to make time for that soon.  How did you spend your weekend? I hope it was a lovely one spent with love ones.

Hello and welcome to new/old readers! It's so nice to have you come along on this journey with me.