Monday, December 16, 2013

Our weekend {snapshots}

Christmas light show at one of the local churches..
They put on this light show every year. 
It's beautiful, and I'm sure setting these lights up is very time consuming for them.

We also enjoyed the lights in the neighborhood...

So what happens when you forget you have eggs in the refrigerator, and you go out and buy a new carton of eggs? bake of course. 

Weekend baking- chocolate chip/banana muffins..

Gingerbread people pancakes. My husband made this one morning, and our daughter loved them. husband has has enjoyed making our coffee using our french press. 

During our walks, we greet a few horses. Our daughter loves saying hello.
This day-the horse hid, and turned away when I tried taking their picture.

And finally....the snow is melting. We made our way to the playground. The sun was shining, and it was absolutely beautiful out.