Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fun learning, and creating with noodles...& flashcard making

                                             Today we had fun creating art with noodles.

In the morning I took some food coloring, added the noodles and food coloring in
a plastic bag, and mixed it up for a few. After I removed the noodles from the bag, and allowed them
to dry. Simple as that! I actually put them out on my back porch so that they could dry a little faster.
Once it was completely dry, we had fun creating some simple noodle art on paper!
How fun! My daughter loved it.
Let me not forget about our ABC funky and fun flashcards we made..

It's simple to make- I made some letters, used some crayons,

colored each one, and added a few dots around each letter. I then took my

laminate sheet, and laid it over the paper. I used

my shape blade paper craft scissors to cut each letter out. And there

you go! You end up with some funky and fun, and colorful ABC flashcards.

I'll be putting these cards in my daughter's diaper bag, so she can

have something to do when we are out and about. {learning on the go}

Have a lovely day.