Thursday, March 28, 2013

Coffee? Why of course! -DIY Decorative Coffee sign

The smell of coffee brewing is something I smell every morning in our home. My husband is in love with coffee. I too enjoy my morning cup of coffee, but I can actually go without it on some days. (I love chai tea lattes, and tea. Every morning I can hear our coffee grinder go off, and what comes next is the wonderful aroma of coffee throughout the house.

When we bought our house, I had in mind to do something to incorporate my husband's love for coffee into our kitchen. While my husband was deployed on his last tour over in Iraq, I decided to do a cafe/coffee themed kitchen. (I love it) And I'm still finding new items to add to our kitchen's theme.

Today as I was in the garage straightening up a little, I came across some scrap wood my husband had stashed away. Of course I thought to myself "I can totally take this and do something cute with it."

DIY DECORATIVE COFFEE SIGN (using chalkboard paint)

-Scrap wood
-Chalkboard paint
-paint-color of your choice for sides
-paint brush

I applied a few layers of the chalkboard paint, allowed it to dry (drying times varies depending on what type of chalkboard paint you use) or if your impatient like I am, dry it using a blow dryer :)
I then took some paint (Burgundy color) and painted the sides and top of the board. After allowing the paint to dry, you are ready to write on your board. All done! Yes it was really that simple.