Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy Friday to all {diy art box}

My daughter absolutely loves craft time.
I love watching her paint and create new things.
She's constantly learning new things and through
her she is teaching me to be a better person and mother.
Today it's raining out. We made it out to the library for toddler time,
the kids danced and listened to stories. We had a delicious lunch together
and we painted for a few.
So I had an empty box and decided to use it to make an art box for my daughters
art supplies. 
Materials needed:
-Empty box
-Construction/craft paper
-paint (I added a few flowers to her box) :)
I took the box and measured each size and cut out the size needed of the construction paper. I did this going around the entire box. Glue on your construction paper to all  sides. It was really simple. So now we have more storage for our daughter's art supplies and more!

Enjoy! Have a lovely weekend!!