Thursday, April 11, 2013

What a lovely night! cappuccino& a craft...

We had such a lovely night last night. My husband made dinner, baked ziti and it was delicious.
After we enjoyed dinner with our little one, we let her play for a little. My husband decided it would be nice to make the two of us some cappuccino. (We love coffee in our home) So of course I was up for it. As he made our cappuccinos we enjoyed each other’s company, and laughed a bit about our day. (I love moments like this) I figured while he was finishing up on our cappuccinos, I would enjoy a nice little craft with our daughter.

We made some paper flowers, and created a laurel wreath headpiece for her to wear. (She's really into dress up. So I figured it would be a nice touch to add to her dress up time.)

I started off with cutting a single flower out (any shape you want) I used that and traced a few more then my daughter painted a few of them. I then allowed it to dry for a few, and then cut them out and glued the ends of the flowers together, until I came to a complete circle. (I fit it around my daughter's head to make sure it would fit, and then glued the two remaining flowers together. (It was really simple to do.)

After I glued on some (balloon string) we had so much of it, and I figured I would use it up. :)
My daughter loved it, she put it on and ran around the house, and had a great time!

{Cappuccino time}

What a lovely night....