Saturday, June 1, 2013

DIY paint/beaded sun-catchers!

DIY Paint/Beaded Sun-catchers
This project was a fun one to do with my daughter.
It's a pretty simple project. Materials needed for this project are:
-plastic (which I reused a plastic lid from a container)
-hole puncher
-wire/or you can use string
-wire cutter- if using wire
-Glue or Hot glue gun
I started off with cutting out circles using my plastic lid.
After my daughter painted each circle, using paint colors she picked out. Once that's all done, allow it to dry. (I put ours outside so it would dry a little quicker.) When it's all dry, using your hole puncher, make a hole.
Now onto the beads. My daughter picked out a few beads for the sun-catchers. I guarantee your toddler will enjoy picking out the beads and adding them to the wire or string. :)
Once that's all done,  I used my hot glue gun and placed the wire with the beads to the painted plastic piece. Using a separate piece of wire, loop it through the hole you punched out earlier. All done! Hang it up and enjoy! (We made two sun-catchers. With one we just placed and glued our beads directly to our plastic piece.)