Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend love-time with my loves.

Our weekend was spent outdoors. We went on a nice family walk and sat out and enjoyed the nice
weather. Our daughter enjoyed splashing around in her little pool.

I was excited to see a few of my flowers started blooming in my front flowerbed. 
While out shopping I came across some cute hello kitty stamps for kids. Of course I ended up buying them, and our little one had such a fun time with her stamps.

Over the weekend my husband made us some delicious strawberry pancakes. We topped them with some triple berry syrup. (Boy they were yummy) I knew I would have to kick some serious butt with my next workout. :)

 Over the weekend my husband also made us a berry non-alcoholic drink, which was wonderful. We ended up sitting out in the back, allowing our daughter  to enjoy her bubble machine. It was a lovely weekend spent with my loves.