Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Liebster award :)



I've been nominated again for the Liebster award! Thank you Gracielle Tamanio at http://www.mommya-z.com/, I appreciate it. :) So I haven't been keeping track of how many times, because I haven't responded to each award I've been nominated for, I know..shame on me. But I do thank those who have nominated me in the past!

 Side note-(when nominated for the liebster award never feel as though its mandatory to fill it out, it's totally up to you whether you do or don't, this is just a fun way to let your readers know more about you. :)


What’s the Liebster Award???

The Liebster Award is given to new bloggers with under 200 followers as a way to welcome them into the blogging community.


11 Questions From Gracielle Tamanio

1.  What was your most embarrassing moment?
Hmm, I think I would have to say the time my heel on my boot broke half way off, and I was in the middle of grocery shopping! I pretty much sounded like a horse walking through out the store (clunk..clunk..) LOL

 2.  If you had a 2nd chance to rename your blog, what would it be?
This is such a good question, hmm maybe "blessed with so much joy"

 3.  What’s your go-to dish to bring to potluck dinners?
I would have to say my green bean with bacon dish, so yum!

 4.  What’s your favorite accessory this season?
my thin gold bracelet, seems to go with everything. :)

 5.  Who is your blog-crush? (Blogger that you admire or find inspiration from)
I don't have just one, I read through several blogs, and with each one I find inspiration.

 6. What’s on your DVR?
Oh goodness, I have like five episodes of Grey's Anatomy that I still have not been able to catch up on! Shame on me lol

 7.  If HGTV came over to surprise you with a make-over for only one room in your house, which room would it be?
Oh goodness I'm all about DIY and have pretty much tackled so many projects, but we still need our downstairs done, so maybe my daughters play room.

 8. What is your best advice for new parents?
Go with what you feel is right, never allow someone's negative input on how you parent make you feel like you aren't doing things right. Just go with the flow!

 9. What was your first car? Did you name it?
Oh boy, an echo. I didn't name it. :)

 10.  Name one thing on your “summer bucket-list”.
Well it's been a long time since I've been on a slip and slide lol :)

11.  Do you have any kids?

I do! I have one beautiful little girl who turned 2 in April, she's my sunshine!

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