Monday, January 20, 2014

Sweet Sunny days...

“To live long and achieve happiness, 
cultivate the art of radiating happiness.”– Malcolm Forbes

Beautiful pink sky.

Hello Colorado Mountain!

Park day

Nature Scavenger hunt

Nature scavenger hunt- Pine cone, stick, heart shaped leaf, and a rock

Our sweet anniversary treats

A few clementines in one of my favorite bowls.

Experimenting with orange peels, and vinegar 

Little artist in action

The past few days have been wonderful. We have embraced this sunny weather, and have enjoyed our time together. Lately, we have enjoyed park days, nature scavenger hunts, and just running around being silly. I'm in love with this life, and I truly enjoy watching our daughter enjoy these simple moments. - I feel content, and just so joyful inside. My husband and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary on the 17th. We enjoyed sitting back and taking a trip down memory lane. We indulged in sweet strawberries, and marshmallows covered in chocolate.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with several different natural cleaning solutions. I recently saw something about orange peels, and vinegar. So I took some orange peels, and filled a jar halfway with vinegar. It's been sitting for a few days now. -You can now smell the citrus from the orange peels. I'll probably use this solution on hard surfaces to remove hard water build up. When it comes to cleaning; I'm that person you will find on hands on knees scrubbing, and disinfecting everything in sight.-I'm sure my mother has a lot to do with this!

 It's been nice soaking up the beautiful sun, and enjoying my time with my family. These sweet sunny days..have been very good to us. I hope you all have enjoyed your time with your family. 

**Thank to all  of my readers, and welcome new readers. It's so nice to have you here!**


  1. That is awesome you are having such good weather like us here! I can't even remember a cold day at this point it's been so nice!

    How does the citrus disinfect?

    11 years! Wow you guys are at a mile marker for sure I'm so happy you guys are still so in love and willing to work through any issues that may arise. It's so easy to just give up. It's a test strength and love to work a marriage out cause everyday is not a walk in the park for sure!

    1. Dina, thank you! -Honestly the weather has been sunny, and nice...but I'm sure that will come to an end soon. I've already heard something about snow soon! -Oh boy. :( I'm not sure how the citrus disinfects, but I did look up how vinegar works as an disinfectant. I found a few articles on it. -Pretty interesting. I'll just be using it on hard water though. And thank you for your kind words on our anniversary. -We continue to grow, and learn. :)

  2. I'm happy you and your husband had a great anniversary! Sounds lovely!
    We have been enjoying this beautiful weather playing outside all weekend. It is so nice to enjoy the little moments in life, I feel like they are the most important ones of all!
    How did the orange peels and vinegar work out? I'm always looking for new cleaning products to make! I'm a clean freak.

    1. Aw, thank you Kristy. We had a wonderful time. =) I haven't tried out the orange/vinegar mixture just yet. -I think I will let it set for a few more days before using it. I hear you about being a clean freak! Lol. I enjoy having a cozy, clean home.-No place like home! :) Thank you for stopping by.