Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy, thankful..just living. {Life these days}

Happy, thankful....just living.
A little bit of everything.

-Looking through cook books. I've been eyeing our Ice cream & sorbet recipe book.
-Relieved that most of my morning sickness has gone away.
-Planning on planting seeds and filling empty pots with a few Spring flowers.
-Attending events at our local library with the little one.
-Opening windows on warmer days.
-Experimenting with natural cleaners.
-Enjoying hugs and kisses from our daughter.
-Enjoying my time spent with my family.

Each morning we wake to a beautiful new day.
I've been feeling a bit sluggish, but I'm happy to say my growing baby bump has started to develop.
Luckily, I can still see my toes.

It's Spring and yes the past few days it has snowed. I was content and spent those cold days indoors. I'm just happy that this week seems to have plenty of sunshine and warmer temps. I'll celebrate by sitting out and soaking up some sun.-Maybe I'll even tend to my garden.

We started going back to the library.-Reading, dancing and plenty of exploring. It's Spring break and there are so many activities and events to keep kids of all ages busy.

I've started planning my trips to the farmer's market and I'm looking forward to art days on the street.
I'm planning our daughter's  birthday. She's turning 3 in April. -She's excited for our trip to the Denver aquarium. The first time we ever went she was younger and I'm sure she doesn't remember much.

 I've been on Pinterest pinning cake recipes like a crazy woman. It looks like I'll be making her a strawberry cake, with fresh strawberries and whipped strawberry frosting. Every day she reminds us that her birthday is in April. Of course we let her know we haven't forgotten. :)

I still indulge in fruit. -I just can't get enough of it. I've been participating in yoga and a few other daily exercises to boost my energy level. I carry water with me where ever I go.-And if not...I swear my husband could be the water police!  ;)

I've been enjoying my time with my family.-Giggles, hugs, games, cooking and a whole lot more! It's nice to just be able to enjoy these simple moments in life. So I'm taking a deep breath, kicking my feet up and saying hello to Spring.

I hope you all are enjoying your Spring break. :)