Wednesday, July 8, 2015



We've been enjoying our summer so much. How's your summer going? 

We have been attending the library for special events and our oldest is zooming through the summer reading program. -She's pretty excited about the cute little prizes they get after each section is completed. 

It's been raining so much. I'm actually enjoying it very much. On rainy days we play board games, build forts and just enjoy our time together as a family.  We came across some watermelon flavored cupcakes while shopping. We baked them and spread on some very green icing. -Honestly, I wasn't so crazy about them. Something about the flavor threw me off a bit. My oldest and my husband seemed to have enjoyed it. I'm happy they at least enjoyed. 

We've been grilling more. Chicken, steak, sausages and more. My husband picked up a small smoker box for the grill. He's been adding in some wood chips when he starts up the grill. I'm thrilled about making kabobs over the weekend. 

My oldest has been preparing food in her play kitchen. She bakes and even grills for us all.  Her restaurant is always open and she's always so excited when she gets new orders. :)  She's also been taking care of her baby doll. She feeds her and cuddles her to sleep. Our little one will be 10 months on the 16th of this month. She's very active. Crawling, boosting, sitting up and getting her hands on everything she comes across. She keeps me very active! 

All is well and we can't wait for more summer fun. I hope you all are enjoying your summer with your family and friends. :)

Hello and welcome new readers. And a big thank you to those who visit and leave such sweet words. I appreciate you all!!