Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Here we are.

So here we are.- Busy days, sleepless nights, headaches and a few other things in between.
A new week and little one is still teething. Our weekend was long. Truthfully I felt like a zombie and wanted nothing more than to sleep, sleep and sleep some more. Of course that didn't happen! But hey it's life and I'm okay with that. Our little one ran a slight fever. She's teething and she's a bit fussy and seems to only want mama. So yes, I'm tired, achy and I may be getting a little fussy as well. -My coffee is currently decaf and doesn't do much for me. But a hot shower seems to help quite a bit.

My eyes are slightly red and I've been experiencing headaches. I haven't been as hydrated as I should be. Today I've been making sure to drink more water and maintain my sanity. I was able to make it through lessons with my oldest. She sat after lessons were done and worked on a nice fall collage. Paper clippings and leaf punch-outs took over our dining room table. - Honestly, it was just fine. During her collage making her sister napped. It was peaceful and I enjoyed watching her gather her pictures for her collage.- Ah, it was quiet. I watched her as she concentrated on her creation.

I've been enjoying my new pumpkin candle. I couldn't resist the sale going on at Joann's. I managed to only purchase three items. One of those being my pumpkin candle. It smells amazing. I normally burn it in the morning and  afternoon.  It's getting cold here and my four year old is excited about the current snow reports. We're actually hearing that we may get some snow later on this week. I'm not so thrilled about it. - Can you tell that I'm a little fussy?! Okay, but really I've never been a big fan of snow. I'm so happy she enjoys it and I'm happy she expresses this much excitement.

I've started taking out thicker blankets and I'll have a basket for our gloves, hats and scarves.- Looks like we'll be needing it soon. Hopefully we will get our sprinklers blown out soon. There's so much to do.

Here we are.
Getting through what is left of this month.
I'm sure I haven't lost my mind yet.
In the end..
I'm here, alive, healthy and maybe I'll catch up on my sleep soon!