Friday, January 6, 2017

Blogging: 8 ways to help improve your blogging journey

1. Blog about things you love.
This is so important! Never allow yourself to start blogging about things that aren't from the heart. My blog focuses on my family, recipes, crafts and just moments in between. Since I enjoy creating things with my family, I figured why not share some of those things. 

2. Don't get stuck on the number of followers you have. 
It's not about the number of followers you have, but about the readers who engage with you and your blog posts. I've noticed a lot of people focus on the number of followers they have and not really focus on the interactions they have with their readers. 

3. Open up to new opportunities. 
I've been asked many times to participate in reviews of products. I normally say yes, depending on what the individual is asking of me. I think it's a great idea to open up to these new opportunities because I honestly believe it does help you grow as a blogger and it actually brings new readers to your blog. 

 4. Don't be so hard on yourself.
We all get busy and the last thing you want to start doing is being hard on yourself about how behind you are on your blog posts. Honestly, it is okay and your readers will still be there when you return. Yes, blogging is great experience, but we all still have our daily routines and we get busy.

5. Take a lot of pictures! 
I love capturing moments of my life and sharing them with my blogging community. Sometimes, I'll actually just have a post on snapshots of our week. Try and capture moments to share on your blog that you love.

6. Don’t comment on blogs and be in a hurry to say, "follow me at....." 
Honestly, I think that it's a bad move. When I first started off blogging, I did notice a lot of people doing this. I figured it was a trend and the thing to do. But now I know that it really is not the thing to do. If the blogger finds your blog interesting enough they will follow you on their own.  Think of this, if you tell someone to follow you and they eventually do, was it really because they found your blog interesting, or was it simply because you told them to follow you? 

7. Follow blogs that you find interesting, don't just follow and comment on blogs just because you want the same from them.
 Yes, your numbers go up and you get more comments, but in the end you haven't really gained readers who genuinely enjoy reading your posts. Let it come naturally. Engage with your readers, join blogging groups and share your thoughts there. With time you will see that your blogging really does pay off and you will enjoy engaging with your readers.

 8. Engage more with your readers. 
From time to time ask questions and try to comment back. I appreciate all of my readers and this has been a wonderful journey. Thank you for coming on this blogging journey with me. 

Enjoy your blogging experience.

These are  some tips I have found helpful with blogging. These are all my opinions and may work for some, but not all.