Thursday, August 15, 2013

Snakes in the desert (Craft for little ones)

Snakes In The Desert

I may have been missing Arizona and the desert life when I came up with this craft for my daughter. She seemed to enjoy it and it was a quick craft to do together.

Materials needed:
TP roll
Paper plate
Paint/paint brushes
A few rocks
Craft eyes

I started off with cutting the TP roll. Then using my scissors I wrapped and pulled the TP roll. This causes it to create a spiral shape and curl. This is what you want to do to create the snakes body.

Next paint each one and allow it to dry. Once it is dry, glue on your craft eyes.
 I took a paper plate and cut out the center and we used brown paint to paint it. After allowing that to dry, we then glued on our snakes. I used some left over TP roll and made a cactus for our desert.  Grab a few rocks from outside and set it up so that it looks as though your snakes are in the desert. You're all done! I hope you enjoyed this craft.