Monday, April 15, 2013

Rattle & shake {exploring sounds} & Counting tulips activity

We always have so much fun exploring, and trying new activities.
Today we explored a little with different sounds.
For this we used:
-Empty Gerber snack container
-Paper towel roll
-paper cup
-plastic cup
-old medicine box
-plastic eggs

I filled them up, some with rice, beads, and noodles.  We had so much fun with these. We did a little shaking, and even danced around while shaking them. We shook each one to hear the different sound each would make. Such a fun activity.

Enjoy, and have fun shaking!
{Counting Tulips}
This activity was so much fun, I took some paper cups, (I bought a pack of them at target in the dollar section) I used a few of my plant/garden markers, construction paper, and we made a few paper tulips, and cut them out, and I just used some tape and taped it to the garden marker. It was really that simple, and what a fun activity. (I poked holes in the bottom of each cup) My daughter
had so much fun placing and counting each tulip. It was so fun! Enjoy!