Sunday, April 14, 2013

lovely weekend..

I'm sad to see the weekend come to an end, but I'm happy to say I really enjoyed the weekend with my family.
Here's what we were up to...

Saturday, we took a trip down to one of our local libraries.
They were having Llama's in the library.
It was really interesting. They showed the children, and us parents  how they make wool, and they discussed the many ways they care for the Llamas on the farm. Everyone was excited to see the Llama they brought in.

We took a short trip down to one of the Train displays they
have set up downtown. (Our daughter loves trains)
Of course I had to get a picture of the beautiful mountains :)
I love Colorado. :)
I did some baking,  I made some jam cookies..
{Jam cookies}
I did a little diy project with an empty container
(I've posted that on another blog post)
{Paint brush holder}
(We are building our daughter an art easel, and so far, it's turning out great) So we have started sanding and painting. I can't wait for us to finish. This evening we had a bbq, it was so nice. Oh boy what a weekend! It's been absolutely lovely. I hope you all had a lovely weekend as well. 
I love nature.