Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sick days.

Starting last Sunday...
Our daughter came down with a cold. -Sneezing, coughing, stuffy nose and a sore throat. -Of course I managed avoiding getting sick all the way up until Tuesday. My body has definitely felt the impact of this cold. I've been feeling weak and I haven't had much energy. Between taking care of my daughter and caring for myself it's been a little hectic.

I've been cooking soups. I have also made sure that we all stay well hydrated. My husband has been very helpful; he actually took a sick day to care for both my daughter and I. I was able to catch up on some sleep and feel somewhat refreshed. Our daughter wants a lot of cuddles, and kisses. -Of course she can have as many as she wants! I know one day she will grow out of this stage. So for now I cherish these moments that she wants to be close to both her father and I. 

I've fallen behind on blogging. - I'm sure you all understand how it is to have sick days. I have managed to visit a few blogs. I'm hoping this cold passes through quickly. I hope you all have all enjoyed your week.