Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend {Smiles & Sunshine days}

The weather here in Colorado is a bit wacky. -It snowed on Friday. -It was a mixture of rain/snow. I thought it was pretty, but honestly I wanted to see more of the sun. Even though it was gloomy out on Friday, we did enjoy our time indoors.

 The sun came out and it was absolutely beautiful. - Saturday came along and we enjoyed a simple morning. My husband made a delicious breakfast and we sat and enjoyed coffee while we talked about our plans for the day. Our daughter ran about. -Dancing, giggling and chasing our pug around. It was a lovely morning.

Saturday afternoon- We headed out to the Library. They had hedgehogs and Tenrecs. (The Tenrec is a mammal of the family Tenrecidae, found on Madagascar and in parts of the African mainland.) 
They discussed living environments, food, habits and qualities for both the hedgehog and tenrecs. After, the kids were able to pet and see them up close. They even made a little hedgehog craft to take home. Our daughter enjoyed her time at library. 

Later that evening, we enjoyed dinner at Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill. -I of course had a side of hummus. :) When we go I normally get the chicken plate. -It's delicious.
After enjoying dinner, we headed out to the pet store.We needed a few things for our fish tank. Our daughter enjoys watching the bunnies play and the fishes swim around. We also checked out a few turtles and listened to a few birds chirping  in their cage. 

Sunday-The weather was beautiful. Almost 70 degrees here! I opened all windows and straightened up a little. After breakfast we headed out and did some yard work. Our daughter sat out; blowing bubbles, singing and smiling. -It peaceful. 

We ended our day visiting the Air Force base. Playing on the playground and enjoying a family walk. During our walk we played -I spy.  Our daughter spotted a few things; rocks, big trees, Airplanes, jets, sticks, and a few interesting obstacle courses. It was a very enjoyable family walk. 

Now we are home. Baking lasagna, and planning for the week.  I'm sad to see the weekend come to an end.-I'm so happy that we spent most of it out in the sun. It was warm, beautiful and absolutely lovely out. I have a few plans for us this week. How was your weekend? Did the sun come out and bring warmer temps your way? I hope you all have a beautiful week.