Wednesday, March 5, 2014

When spring finally arrives..

With warmer temps around the corner, I can't help but to feel happy and prepare things around here for spring.

Each day our daughter has been keeping track of the weather. Today it's going to be around 60. 

Pinterest has so many great ideas for cleaning. I started on this lemon/vinegar garbage disposal cleaner. Just add lemon peels, it asked for water.-I added vinegar instead. (So that it will disinfect the blades.) The lemon leaves a clean citrus smell. 

I've been reading through a few books. -Preparing our garden, planning for an outdoor kitchen and looking over a few baby room designs.

I started setting aside some spring hair clips for my daughter. Honestly she takes them out of her hair when I'm not looking. Just going through her collection made me smile. I'm just so ready for the arrival of spring.

I started going through a few purses. And this one is one of my favorites around spring time. It's light, and provides a lot of space. Inside are many pockets- allowing me to pack away a few things for my daughter.

Spring time -Lovely light scents. I have a collection of sprays and I actually went through and threw a few out. I figured I had them long enough. I spray just a little, just enough to give me a light sweet scent.

I've gone through my jewelry, setting aside a few I'll wear this spring. 

Nail color- I'll keep it simple. Around spring, I enjoy pinks..light colors actually. Sometimes I do go dark. It all just depends.

I've been enjoying my green tea face scrub. It's light and has a very light scent. I use it before bed. After I apply some night cream. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I swear everyone told me I was glowing..even after I had her. This pregnancy my skin has been smooth, and I'm hoping it continues to stay this way. I'm sure my night routine has helped. 

I came across my lantern I made last year and I can't wait to use it during nights on the back porch. The lighting was perfect for when we would enjoy our dinner outdoor. 

 I'm ready for spring. I'm actually over winter. 
I think I've seen enough snow for now. I'm ready for nights out on the porch, blooming flowers, outdoor play dates and much more! Lately I've been eating so much fruit. I picked up some grapes, watermelon and honey dew. -I combine them all in a bowl and just sit and enjoy. It's a very happy time for me, lol. 
How are you preparing for spring? 
I hope you all are having a lovely week.

Welcome new readers. I'm so happy to have you here.:)