Sunday, March 6, 2022

DIY Easy Succulent Love Sign

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I decided to work on a simple project that takes little time, and a few materials. Today we are creating an easy succulent love sign.

Materials needed

Black paint

One small round wood sign

paint brush

Gold sticker design


Two strands of vines

Adhesive/Hot glue

Floral snips/ Scissors

Start by applying your black paint to your wooden round sign. I applied paint to the front side of my wood sign, but you can apply paint on both the front, and the back of the sign if you choose to do so.

Apply around two coats your black paint, and a total of four coats if you decide to paint the front and back of your sign.

Next, take your love gold sticker, and apply a little adhesive to give it extra hold when placed onto your sign. I did this because I have noticed that the sticky backing on some stickers don't hold as well once applied on top of a paint surface.

Next, gather your vines, and succulents. Using some floral snips, cut your vine into two medium strands. When cutting your succulents, cut the succulents into smaller sections. 

Take your two strands of vine, and add them onto the bottom left hand side of your sign. Apply a small amount of hot glue, and gently press each vine down. 

Once you have added on your vines, take your hot glue, and apply your succulent flowers around your vine.

It is optional, but you can add a few extra gold stickers to your sign. I added one on top, and on the bottom as well.

Your succulent love sign is now complete! Thanks so much for stopping by, and be sure to check out my other DIY projects like my, DIY Dollar Tree Wood Crate Vase Holder .



  1. I love all the stickers, they are clever, this turned out darling! Shared on Twitter and Pinned!


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