Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bubbles, counting, and more!

I enjoy every second spent with my little one. These days it seems
as though the time goes by so quickly. She's growing,  learning, and constantly
making mommy proud. I remember the fist time she crawled, then walked, and now
she's running and jumping..I'm truly amazed at how she has changed in the past year.
I cherish my days spent with my little love, she means the world to both her daddy and I.
Our day (in pictures)
{My little love, she loves her bubble machine}
{She made mommy some very delicious cookies}
{We learned about letters, numbers, and sang and danced}
-leapfrog, click-start my fist computer
(We received this last year for Christmas)
{Had fun counting and sorting each number out}
{Art time}
What a fun afternoon it was!