Sunday, March 17, 2013

Our weekend (Busy, and absolutely lovely)

Such a busy weekend, but I must say I absolutely love the time
I get to spend with my loves. We always have a lovely time.
{ was delicious, and of course healthy.}
We did some learning activities (Leap Frog) Math skills, and Printing
I love watching my daughter fill with such excitement as she learns something
new. It's such a great feeling.
We went and saw the Geese again at the park...
And we bought a new coloring book, so that my daughter could
show off her lovely coloring skills. :)
Our daughter loves to paint, so we did a little artwork this weekend..
She loves fishes, so I painted her some fishes :)
And we ended this weekend with a beautiful sunset.
I absolutely love when the sun sets.
So peaceful and beautiful.