Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring time bookmarkers...

I was inspired by my soon to be 2 year old daughter, to create these fun spring time bookmarkers. I've noticed lately she has been sneaking our bookmarkers out of our books when we leave them on our nightstand. My husband has even started hiding his books just to avoid losing his spot. How wonderful...

Well I figured hey why not create some fun, cute, little bookmarkers for my daughter. (Maybe then she will leave our bookmarkers alone. (I guess we will see)

Anyway here you go, here's a fun, simple craft you can enjoy doing with your little one.

All you need for this craft is:

1.      Craft paper

          2.      scissors

3.      glue

4.      cut out shapes of your choice

5.      crayons/markers-which ever you prefer

6.      & of course a little helper :)
I started off by cutting strips for the bookmarker. (I made each one long enough to fit in a book without falling out) Once you have done that, start on creating the shapes for your bookmarker.

I made a bunny, a little chick, and a flower (with the help of my daughter) All I did for these three, was made the shapes of each on paper, cut them out, and then glued them onto to the bookmarker. (It's really that simple)
I hope you and your little ones enjoy! Until next time, happy Friday!!!!