Cute Dollar Tree Sign Display

Hi everyone! I hope that you are doing well. I wanted to share a fairly quick craft with all of you. We're taking the Round Dollar Tree sign, and decorating it using mod podge, tissue paper, wooden letters, and a few other materials. This is a simple craft and it is beginner friendly as well. 

One round wooden sign
Decorative tissue paper
Faux greenery
Wooden letters
Craft clothespins
Wood glue
Craft knife

Start by taking your decorative tissue paper and cutting a section that fits over the inner area of your round wooden sign.

Next, lay your tissue paper flat. Using your craft knife, begin to cut around the top of your sign. You will work your way around. You will just need two sections of tissue paper. I left the middle of my sign with the wood look.

After, remove your tissue paper.  Use your paintbrush and begin to apply your mod podge to your wood surface and place your tissue paper on top of the mod podge. I always use my blow dryer after applying my tissue paper on top of the mod podge. It helps to remove any lines and creases. Feel free and use any technique that works best for you. After, take a second layer of mod podge and apply it over the tissue paper. Repeat the previous steps.

After, take your paint and apply it to the middle section of your sign. I used a color called celery.

This is optional, I applied a thin coat of paint to my wooden letters. The color I am using is called espresso.

Next, take your wooden letters and using wood glue, attach them to your sign.

Next, take some wood glue and add your clothespins to your sign. 

Take your faux greenery and add it to your clothespins. I decided to add a little wood glue on the inside opening of my clothespins before adding my greenery. 
I also added a cute sticker next to my wooden letters. 

Your sign is complete and I just love the way it turned out. It is simple and takes very little time to create. So if you were wondering what you create using the round sign from Dollar Tree, I hope this gives you an idea of what to create. Also, be sure to check out my other DIY round sign decoration I created on my craft blog. ROUND WOODEN HANGING FLORAL DECORATION USING DOLLAR TREE MATERIALS

Thank you for stopping by and creating with me.

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  1. This is so cute! I love that tissue paper. Thanks for sharing on Happiness is Homemade over at Life as a LEO Wife. I'd love to have you come & share on Crafty Creators Link Party as well. It has a different audience, and they would love this. It's open from Thursdays at 6am through Monday nights at 11:59. Hope to see you there!
    Niki | Life as a LEO Wife

  2. It is cute and I love the colors you used. Thanks so much for linking up at I Made It Monday Link Party 1. Shared.

    1. Thank you! I thought the colors were a great combination. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Stephanie, CONGRATS! Your post is FEATURED at #IMadeItMondayLinkParty 2.

    1. Dee, thank you so much. I'm always so happy to share on your link party. ☺️


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